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Happy Beautiful Birthday to Chromatics!

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

On July 1st Chromatics Hair & Color Co. is celebrating our 17th Birthday!

That's right, the BIG 1. 7.

Its seems just yesterday Kelley and I thought .. ."Hey, let's own our own salon and it will be fun and awesome. And it was (even when sometimes well, it wasn't). I think about our first day open and how we forgot to get cash for the cash drawer. We were quite surprised when our first guest was waiting to receive change back. Nothing a quick rummage through our purses and a trip to the bank couldn't fix hahah.

Since then so much has changed. Hairstyle trends have come and gone (and even come back again). We outgrew our first location within the first 5 years, we have wished a few team members farewell and have welcomed others into our ever growing family, and the most constant thing has been we have never stopped learning.

We are continuously learning how to manage, lead, market and of course do great hair and just be good humans. We have learned when you clean up a gallon of shampoo that spilled with towels and then put them in the wash machine that your backroom WILL fill up with bubbles, And the only thing that will stop the never ending flow of bubbles is adding vinegar to your wash machine (Thank You Mrs, Volpe)

YUP, sometimes we fail at many things, but the one consistent in our Chromatics biz is we are able, willing and COMMITTED to always learning and NEVER EVER QUITTING!

"We have learned that owning a salon has so much more to do with doing good hair"

It's has so much to do with....dare I say the F word?.... FEELINGS! Yup. All the feels. People want to feel heard, and valued and really. Really what we all just want is to feel beautiful. That means so many different things to different people. You can say we have had A LOT of practice figuring out what that means. 6,205 days to be exact.

Without YOU, we wouldn't be US!

We are thankful for every shampoo we have given, every strand of hair cut, colored and styled. Every foil, every bobby pin and spray of hairspray, every comb dropped (hahaha) but most importantly we are forever grateful to You:

Our beautiful client, Our team and to God for giving us this talent through which more hearts are touched and lives are shared than I ever imagined

Enjoy 17% OFF ALL YOUR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER PURCHASES for the entire month of July

As a token of our gratitude, whether you have just joined our Chromatics family this year or you have been with us since the day we were born, please enjoy 17% Off your shampoo and conditioner product purchases during our birthday month.


Co-Owner Chromatics Hair & Color Co.

Caryn Pierce

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